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Grouping: 3-Axis Outdoor Lights

At DelphiTech we make our own LED lights to the finest level possible. Sealed lights, designed to industrial robustness and only sold here at affordable residential pricing. These lights are our premium enhanced-plus series of fixtures. Scroll to the bottom to place fixtures in your cart.

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  • Only 3.5" long including bracket and mounts directly on soffit with included fastener and adhesive.
  • Maximum outer diameter 1.43".
  • Available in 7 lens choices
  • Can tilt and swivel (prior to adhesive setting) in any direction and bracket can be shaped (bent if needed) too.
  • Durability unmatched by other products - expect beyond 180,000 hrs
  • 7 years, unlimited hours, fully transferable warranty with no paperwork needed - register for free
  • Needs to be sheltered from ice build up, but is sealed for temporary wet (hard blowing rain). Always shelter underneath something and ensure connection is sheltered too to ensure it stays dry.
  • Needs to be mounted around some free air - do not embed in wood or rock. Call us for free technical guidance on mounting this for maximum durability if you are doing something different other than under a sheltering structure.

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Made in Canada

Optional Design Fine-tuning

Experienced contractors do not need this optional step, but some home owners may wish to experiment prior to installing or getting a contractor to install.

Due to our sophisticated smart driver in each fixture that adapts to voltage drops on long runs, all of our fixtures can be powered temporarily with a 9V battery as a temporary power source so you can verify your design options prior to installation.

To fine-tune your design, simply remove 1/4" of red and black insulation and tape using 3M electrical tape to a new 9V battery to leads to get 30-60 minutes of full brightness experimentation time to determine location, distance from wall, and tilt angle if any. You don't need to climb a ladder up to the 2nd story at night, simply shine it up near the ground to see the effect - beam width on soffit will be beam width on ground when mounted.

When you are done experimenting, remove the tape and then cut off the stripped 1/4" ends prior to installing with supplied connectors on installation day.

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Lenticular 3-Axis Fixtures
Lenticular 3-Axis Fixtures
Suggested Retail Price* : CA$ 119.95