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Become a supplying contractor of DelphiTech today!

New 2018 Contractor Program
Ask us about our contractor incentives when you setup your account.

Offer your clients a new choice this year with DelphiTech's premium lights. Here are 8 of the benefits for become a registered installer with us early in 2018:

  1. Pricing - price margin incentives and contractor promotions
  2. Get ahead of your competition - NOT sold in stores or supply houses
  3. Free Marketing Materials - customized with your contact info, not ours
  4. Brand Association - free advertising marks for your own marketing material
  5. New 2018 Warranty - over 10 yrs (90,000 hrs in heavy use) warranty option
  6. Direct Referrals - leads go directly to you, we provide client incentives
  7. Free Install Expertise - best practices with our product to save you time
  8. Free Design Help - for unique lighting designs with established installers

Contractor Marketing Material
Print this BROCHURE to explain to your clients how our lights are different.

Options for rectangular box on the brochure:

  • Print and attach your business card to this sheet, and laminate it to carry with you when quoting clients
  • Send us an image of your business card or what information you want and we will make a custom PDF for your business.

Builders Applying for Green Programs
If you are a builder and are applying for any government grants regarding deployment of our lighting, we can provide you with facts about our Ontario made lighting and help you with calculations that might be needed for your application.

About DelphiTech History
Read the story of how DelphiTech's founder created our revolutionary LED lighting back in 2001, a world's first in putting the breakthrough white-light high-output LED technology on the outside of homes.