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Key Guidance Sections

Toll-Free expert technical support for US and Canada - 1.888.335.4533 The page organizes several useful sections that were previously linked from our menu tabs instead of being brought together on this one page. Sections that are of interest should be read once if you are new to DelphiTech. We encourage you to call us for helpful clarification on any topic related to our products - our low voltage systems are simple to design and install.

Link Description Updated
This link will launch a separate browser tab with the specifications. Call us to learn how to evaluate brightness and beam spread before you order. July 26 2016
If you aren't buying an all-in-one kit from us, this page may help you build your own custom kit using our system of components. July 26 2016
This page provides some useful guidance for all of our systems and some specific help for selecting a kit. July 26 2016
Read this page to understand our ordering process. Fixtures are built to order, and other items are ready to ship. Please call us to understand estimated turn around time from order to ship. July 26 2016
Read this page for our shipping overview. We typically use Fedex to ship to both Canada and the US. By special request, we can do Canada Post for northern regions. July 26 2016
Read this page to learn about our prices and why our product has a higher standard than store bought product. We can elaborate further if you wish to speak with us about why our products are superior. Our US clients save a lot with their US dollar buying power. July 26 2016
Here are a few photo examples. If you call us we can provide perspective on colors of white light and lenses. July 26 2016
This provides a link to a 1 page set of guidelines. Also, 8 photos are presented to give some visual example for some installation senarios. Call us to learn more tips to make your installation better and faster. July 26 2016

Also, for returning clients who may have read this information before, we provide the last changes date beyond the initial migration date of July 26, 2016 when we created this page.