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Lenticular Recessed Fixtures (Ultra-Plus)

Lenticular Recessed Fixtures (Ultra-Plus)
These are our latest and most efficient Ultra-Plus series of LED lights.

Ultra-Plus also includes an option for a free hole-plug (not shown) if you intend to install that way and will be black for black trim ring, and white for all others.

We include 2 red insulation displacement connectors that join our 22 AWG fixture wires to 18 AWG stranded security wire.

We recommend 3M 33+ or 3M 88 tape to protect connections.

Only power from a DelphiTech power supply. Our 12VDC 5A supply will power up to 20 fixtures.

Select color of white light, trim ring color, lens, and quantity below.

Product prices in Canadian dollars.

Weight 0.15 Kgs
Hole Plug
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Suggested Retail Price* : CA$ 129.95