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How to Proceed

1. After reviewing our website and the recessed and 3 axis fixture categories, call us if you have any questions at 1.888.335.4533.

2. Consider your design - color of white light, fixture location, recessed or 3-axis, lens for each location. You can do a great design with just 2 lens choices, 20 degree for a 2 story height to reach the ground, and 36 degree for a 1 story reach. Other lens options are available if you want to consider those.

3. You can put various items in your shopping cart by visiting our home page and clicking on the picture of what you want to purchase. You can optionally form an account first if you wish for certain benefits if you click on the Register button and include your billing address and your preferred shipping address.

4. Once you've put all the items in your cart, click CHECKOUT to proceed to purchasing with a MasterCard or Visa. You are buying in Canadian dollars and if you are in the US, call your bank to understand your conversion rate on your credit card if you haven't bought from Canada with it recently.

All purchases are in Canadian dollars, so US customers will see a big reduction on their statement because of their favorable exchange rate.