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Free expert ordering help for US and Canada - 1.888.335.4533

How to Proceed

1. After reviewing our website and browsing the INFO CENTER tab resources, call us if you have any questions at 1.888.335.4533.

2. REGISTER: To setup your own account, click "Register" in upper right of website beside "Sign in". To register:

  1. Use your first and last name, email address, pick your password, and register
  2. Be sure to add your company if you want us to ship to your company
  3. Select whether you are a home owner, contractor (home service provider), or a procurement agent such as a government department, etc.
  4. Once you press "Submit" immediately click on the Add Address tab and add a proper shipping address now. Be sure your shipping address is NOT a PO box as when you order in the future, Fedex needs to be able to deliver to a person and collect a signature. If your billing address is different from your shipping address, add it and tag each address appropriately.

After you create your profile and hit submit, immediately go to the address tab
to add a proper shipping address (home or business) that is NOT a PO box.

3. Purchase: Purchase either a complete kit of parts, a design session, or your own configuration of fixture models, power supply, wire, and miscellaneous installation parts.

We recommend you consider our newly introduced complete system kits to make your purchase easy and you typically won't need to purchase our custom design service. If you are building your own system instead of a kit, please refer to the Example Order tab to get an idea as to some of the component options.

4. Credit cards: US customers - We are located in Ontario Canada about an hour north of New York state. US customers that haven't used their credit card outside of the US recently should phone their credit card company to tell them they are purchasing from DelphiTech located in Ontario Canada.

All purchases are in Canadian dollars, so US customers will see a big reduction on their statement because of their favorable exchange rate.