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Support Status

Support Availability Status: CLEAR

Call us or use the contact form. Support is free and has flexible hours. While our office hours are typically 9AM to 5PM EST, there is usually support up to 11PM EST most days on a best-effort basis. Try calling us first, even on evenings or weekends.

Direct Line: 613-860-0777 for all inquiries from anywhere

Consumer Inquiries -> USA and Canada Toll Free: 1.888.335.4.533

We prefer to speak on the phone, so if you want, in the message section give us evening and daytime contact phone number and any preferences for times we can call including your time zone.

This page will give you an indication of the status of our response ability. Statuses are either CLEAR or PLANNED OUTAGE. For a CLEAR status, expect a response typically within 1 business day for a voice message or a Contact Us message. Often, but calling us, you will achieve the quickest answers to your questions.

Policy: We try and time staff vacations and factory vacation shutdowns to minimize interruptions to our customers. However, a few times per year, our ability to respond to you promptly is delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, examples of such being a recognized holiday period or a trade show that involves all front office staff.

After hours and weekend support may occur when possible to help our customers that are not able to break from work during the day.