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Discover the reliability of bulb-less LED fixtures for your home outdoor lighting needs.

This may help you appreciate why we can say that we are the benchmark in compact LED fixtures. Since our rugged Enhanced-Plus 3-axis Projector fixtures can meet the needs for many law enforcement, tactical, and military needs, you know you can trust them to give you reliable lighting on your home exterior too.

For some recent DelphiTech ads, in March of 2012 we asked some of our earlier customers that had DelphiTech lighting for many years now, to comment. Listen to a few examples of how they still feel years later:

1st example testimonial - customer for 9 years

2nd example testimonial - customer for 10 years

3rd example testimonial - customer for 9 years

Note: We never offer any form of payment or incentive in asking a customer to give us a testimonial to ensure the testimonial is given without the hope of any gain.

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