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Design Here - FREE Applicability Guidance: 1-888-DEL-4-LED

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1. Call Us First - FREE Answers to Support Questions

We provide FREE support on product questions. Let our knowledgeable staff help you in a way that is unrivaled by your retail store and other online shopping experiences. Speak with us first to ensure your application is appropriate for our product capabilities. There is no charge for questions related to where and how to use our products. In some cases, by using our published specifications, photo-metrics, installation instruction sheet, and design templates - all found on our website, and us answering a few clarifying questions at no charge, you don't need to request a consultation session.

See these Photos to get example fixture application usage.

For installation scenarios for exterior home use, click on these 8 Photos.
Hit next in upper right of photo to toggle through the 8 photos.

Use these Specifications for some self help design templates, intensities, beam diameter and angle tables.

Below is a table comparing our 3 classes of the projector product models.

COMPARISON -> Standard Projector Enhanced Projector Enhanced-Plus Projector
Stress Test durable IP653 + 60G's rugged IP674 + 300G's rugged IP674 + 300G's
Non-registered Warranty 12 months 60 months 60 months
FREE Web-Registered Warranty 42 months 60 months 84 months
Lens Choices 2 4 4
Light Output Regular Regular 15% brighter*
Price: 3-axis/Recessed $67.95/$77.95 $77.95/$87.95 $77.95/$87.95
Eligible for Bonus points No YES YES
* typical production average subject to future variances

If you need us to proactively guide you on design and installation in terms of a consultation related to your home specifics using photos or plans, then you can optionally order our professional Consultation Service. Let us save you time and effort when we show you alternative choices so you can pick what best meets your needs and desires. Our tips will really be helpful too.

Design and install guidance begins when you email us either your plans or photos - see instructions at bottom.

2. Register at our website

Register at our website - see link "Register" in upper right of website beside "Sign in". Be sure your address is NOT a PO box as when you order in the future, Fedex needs to be able to deliver to a person and collect a signature.

3. How To Email Your Photos or Plans

Please read requirements before submitting photos. We filter SPAM so emails will be deleted automatically unless:

  • you have first Registered at our website with a North American phone number and address
  • each photo: JPG format - we recommend 100K to 300K sized photo files or 800x600.
  • plans: JPG format or pdf accepted

Purchase your design under the Home Perimeter Designs category. Then email your plans or photos.

The photos below are shown smaller than one we want but illustrate what we are referring to. Note: For new construction, we can work with simple and clear plans, but sometimes, the complexity of construction require daytime photos of the new construction in progress after the basic structure is up.

New Construction - Plans Example:

New Construction - Photos Examples:

Existing Home - Photos Examples: