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The DelphiTech Story

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The Early Beginnings

In 2001, Rodney McInnis, an electrical engineer and physicist, not being satisfied with outdoor lighting products in stores for under-eave/soffit mounted lighting, started designing an exterior LED lighting system for his own home that operated on 12VDC. 

Over the next year, he experimented with the latest in white light LED technology and UV stabilized polymer lenses to created a miniature light that would be robust in the perils of exterior conditions, from arctic conditions to the tropics, and mountainous regions to coastal.  

Here is one of the earlier news stories from our start: 2003 Eastern NA Blackout Story

The Evolution of the DelphiTech Product Line

DelphiTech's technical excellence in making some of the finest quality LED fixtures achievable is based on a no-compromise policy when it comes to the optimum design engineering, premium component selection, and detailed manufacturing quality.

While the first products were simple and robust (many systems from as early as 2002 are still in the field today with very satisfied customers), as more sophisticated versions of the product line were created, all three founding product values were maintained:

  • compact fixture design for optimum placement to enable the highest curb appeal
  • many aspects making the fixtures easier to install than other products
  • extreme durability lasting beyond any other LED product in a hostile exterior environment

Our fixtures are optimized to withstand the perils of outdoor conditions including repeated thermal cycling, UV, moisture, electrical surges, and corrosion so you have the highest performance product possible, with a superior temperature range and warranty too.

DelphiTech Staying Ahead of the Competition

See how DelphiTech residential lights now stack up against other national brands of exterior recessed LED lights.