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Example Order and Rationale

This example order is for illustration purposes only and DOES NOT necessarily represent what would be the model choices and quantities for your home. This example represents a 14 light design for 4 sides of a small-medium sized home. Note: Most people prefer to purchase their 18/2 stranded security wire locally to save shipping weight or to get a different length spool or pull box. Also, people that can easily run the wire above the soffit and are using our recessed lights typically just purchase the lights and a power supply from us and need nothing else in their order.

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Prices in Canadian dollars. We sell to USA and Canada.

Qty Part # Description Unit Cost
1 PAN_12V_50 5 Amp Panel $139.95
1 WIRE_250_G Spool of 250 feet of neutral grey wire $69.95
7 PRJV20_LENT_RECESSED_ENHANCED Recessed, WARM white light, GRAY Trim Ring, WIDE 36 degree lens $89.95
7 PRJV20_LENT_RECESSED_ENHANCED Recessed, WARM white light, GRAY Trim Ring, MEDIUM 20 degree lens $89.95
4 White_Hole_Trim_Plug_Qty_4 Bag of 4 White Hole Trim Plugs (5/8") $2.59
1 Spare_RED_IDCs_Qty_6 Bag of 6 Red IDC Connectors $4.49/bag

Parts Ordering Decision Rationale:

Installation Technique - For this example, soffit colour was light and installation technique was to tuck the wire into the J-trim of the facia for rapid but professional attic-less installation. Therefore white hole plugs will be used.

Power Supply - We recommend the 5 amp supply for all exterior light systems due to future add-on possibilities. Each 5amp supply can operate up to 20 of our fixtures.

Wire - The design determined the whole house could be wired on 2 runs from the power supply in the basement. The 250 foot spool of wire had more than enough wire to accomplish these 2 runs.

Fixture Mechanical Choices and Lenses - Design session resulted in 7 locations using recessed wide lens fixtures (front door, front step, 2 down walkway, 3 on garage), 7 locations using recessed medium lens fixtures (2 down each side and 3 across the back).

Color of White Light - Color of white light selected was 3500K WARM white.

Hole Plugs - Since 1 hole plug is needed per recessed fixture, a total of 14 hole plugs are needed (4 bags).

Spare Connectors - We always recommend having at least 1 bag of spare IDCs.

Timer - Call us to discuss control automation. For low cost solutions, we typically recommend example smart timers such as Intermatic 620 or the GE Sunsmart Plug-In timers which automate sunset and sunrise with other control options. These can be picked up at electrical supply stores for under $25. No matter if you use one or more of our power supplies, these can be controlled by one timer.