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DelphiTech proudly created the first high power LED fixture products, and consequently holds foundational intellectual property in the field before LED fixtures, bulbs, and other LED based lighting products appeared in the market place using high powered LED components.

The innovation granted protection to DelphiTech includes but is not limited to:

  • US Patent 6,991,350
  • US Patent 7,178,934
  • US Design Patent D491,684
  • Canadian Patent 2,411,576
  • Canadian Patent 2,454,501
  • Canadian Industrial Design 101354
  • Canadian Industrial Design 101355
In particular, US Patent 6,991,350 and Canadian Patent 2,411,576 have a broad protection for certain product attributes. As early foundation patents, the invention was devised with a vision for the future application of key attributes of the LED technology, in relation to innovative new products. The following is a simplified text of one of the patent claims:

Claim 12*: Any LED light source where the housing has an inner and outer concentric shrouds where the outer shroud is the proudest (front-most) surface, a power input for the light source, a current limiting device between power input and LED, a heat dissipation device included in the light source where current limiting device is contained within the boundaries of the heat dissipation device, and where inner shroud shields the front surface of the outer shroud.

Related Definitions and notes:

  • Definition: Concentric - having a common center (typically as relating to alignment on an axis).
  • Definition: Shroud - something that conceals, protects, or screens. Note: in our case, the inner shroud can be any method of shielding the total front surface of the outer shroud including an opaque cropping device, a reflective surface, or a lens that controls the dispersion of light through TIR (total internal reflection).
  • Our patents apply to any LED light source including LED fixtures and LED bulbs that have attributes that align with the above.
  • There are a total of 19 claims in US Patent 6,991,350 and Canadian Patent 2,411,576.

*LED fixture and LED bulb manufacturers should refer to the full patent text for the actual legal wording of claim 12 and all other claims of the patents to ensure they are not infringing. Importers, product distributors, and retailers should also refer to the full text of the patents to ensure the products they are selling do not infringe on the patents.

Note we also have both trademarks and registered trademarks related to our products.