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Pricing and Value

Pricing in Canadian dollars. US customer have a strong US dollar savings.

Real Differences Between Brands - Just like you can buy $1 earphones at the dollar store or buy the top of the line earphones for $200+, similarly there is a wide range of price, durability, and performance differences for LED bulbs and fixtures. The dramatic differences in durability and performance are based on the design, selection of components, and manufacturing techniques. Likewise, in the LED lighting space, DelphiTech has gone to extraordinary measures to create the ultimate in ultra-reliable and easiest to install LED light fixtures for home exterior use. DelphiTech's premier-grade compact exterior lights are a sealed lighting fixture with no bulbs to change ever.

Products are NOT sold in stores and NOT sold at electrical suppliers, but are factory-direct through this website to home owners and contractors throughout Canada and the US. By offering a factory-direct online store and shipping Fedex throughout Canada and the US, we are able to supply you our products anywhere in Canada and the US and without the retail markup.

DelphiTech is the Gold Standard in Soffit Lighting

When considering price, be sure to consider the value of durability savings, better energy efficiency savings, and overall installation savings. To learn more, keep reading.

Durability Savings - When comparing products, realize some store bought product in exterior conditions won't even last 5000 hours even though packaging claims higher, while DelphiTech product is designed to last beyond 180,000 hours and comes with the industry best warranty. Many people make the mistake of comparing an indoor product to an outdoor product like DelphiTech's fixtures. DelphiTech has over two dozen attributes in design and manufacture that separate us from the cheap retail bulbs and fixtures found in stores. We build our product to a very high commercial standard. Our LEDs are not over-driven, run cool, and we don't use cheap wet-electrolyte capacitors in our embedded switchers, but use military-grade ceramic capacitors that hold their value for decades of continuous use. Our heat sinks work keeping temperatures of our electronics cool, unlike most store bought product that stress their LEDs with too much current and heat, and overheat their electronics too. That is why DelphiTech product can be 25+ times more durable than cheap store-bought LED product.

Realize that lighting your home exterior for most people means each fixture runs about 4400 hours per year. Both home owners and contractors recognize the value in installing products that are durable and last.

Energy Savings - At only 2 watts per fixture, with high efficiency lenses that can light a 3-story building, why would you want to run higher wattage LED product in home exterior applications when there is no need for increased operating cost. At 10 cents per kW/hr, running each fixture for the ENTIRE YEAR of all night lighting only consumes 88 cents with DelphiTech.

Installation Savings - Beside durability and DelphiTech's superior energy savings, DelphiTech also has unique time saving installation methods optimized for the exterior soffit. Without setting foot in an attic or taking apart the soffit, you can install these fixtures at a rate of 2+ per hour and actual fixture part of installing cutting the holes and doing connection for the Snap Wiring method is in about 5-10 minutes each.