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Grouping: Recessed Outdoor Lights

You have just found the very best outdoor soffit lights made in the market today and with a brand history that can't be beat. Explore our product information and brand comparison on this website to learn why.

At DelphiTech we make our own LED lights to the finest level possible - durable, maximum design flexibility for wonderful curb appeal possibilities, and easy to install in so many ways. Our sealed lights are designed to industrial robustness and only sold here at affordable residential pricing. Outdoor soffit lighting is not the place you want to be fiddling with other cheaply-made lower-performing products. Get it right the first time with DelphiTech LED lights.

  • Only 3.4" deep (fits even 2x4 roof structures)
  • Hole size of 2.25" for thin to 3/4" soffit thicknesses
  • Springs flip down to lift fixture against soffit - total clearance width less than 7 inches
  • Available in 4 trim ring colors, black, light neutral grey, tan/sand, and white
  • Available in 7 lens choices, all tilt up to 45 degrees except Super-Wide
  • Most designs can be done in medium (20 degree) and wide (36 degree)
  • When tilted 45 degrees, fixture is still nearly flush (protrudes 3/8")
  • Durability unmatched by other products - expect beyond 180,000 hrs
  • up to 90,000 hrs FULL warranty, fully transferable - register for free

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Products NOT SOLD in Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, or any other brick and mortar store.

Made in Canada - Sold in Cdn$, refer to daily exchange rate for US$ buying advantage.

DelphiTech vs Other Brands

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DO NOT power fixtures with 12VAC or unregulated 12VDC supplies as you will damage fixtures, void warranty, and void UL/CSA. Only power from DelphiTech approved sources. Our DelphiTech 12VDC 5A supply will power up to 20 fixtures.

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Lenticular Recessed Fixtures (Enhanced)
Lenticular Recessed Fixtures (Ultra)
Lenticular Recessed Fixtures (Ultra-Plus)
Lenticular Recessed Fixtures (Enhanced) Lenticular Recessed Fixtures (Ultra) Lenticular Recessed Fixtures (Ultra-Plus)
Suggested Retail Price* : CA$ 109.95
Suggested Retail Price* : CA$ 129.95
Suggested Retail Price* : CA$ 129.95