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Shipping Overview

We ship to all continental US and Canada. We ship boxes directly to the home owner or contractor to a location of their choice where someone signs for the package. We have divided up Canada into 3 geographical zones of cost, and the US into 3 zones of cost. You zone is computed automatically at the checkout based on your region where you shipping address is.

Shipping cost is computed based on zone and weight. Shipping for the US also includes broker fee and duties included. Insurance is based on 1.7% of the shipment subtotal.

US Shipments Over $250

The US Government for matters of homeland security requires anyone in the US that is importing more than $250 of electrical lighting to provide the shipper with a legal federal identification at the time of import. Valid legal identification is your business number (EIN) or in the case of an individual, your SSN. Compliance

Is Shipping Address Different from Billing Address Better for You?

You can have a different shipping address from your billing address but please put set this up prior to purchasing or we may charge you a fee to adjust it after the fact. Packages typically need a signature upon receipt. Having a different shipping address is sometimes useful where as an example, one of the household members works in a location that is closer to the city and there is someone there during business hours to sign for it. Please consider the advantage of doing this for your particular situation. We may contact you for more information and use this information to get a credit card clearance for your order from either Visa or MC.

If you have any questions, please contact us first before you order.