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Congratulations on your purchase of a DelphiTech™ lighting system. We take pride in having our fixtures manufactured to high quality standards here in North America. This warranty for your lighting system is between DelphiTech Corporation and the named customer or the installation address and is effective and commences on the date of purchase of product from DelphiTech for any defects in materials and workmanship of the DelphiTech fixtures and DelphiTech power sources. It has nothing to do with any warranty that you may have obtained from any installation service you may have purchased.

You must follow the guidelines and warnings outlined in this warranty and the installer must also follow our installation instructions. You must notify us promptly of any damage or malfunction of the lighting system as soon as you are aware of the problem as this may limit further damage. To help avoid problems, please notify us in advance of any work that is being performed that might create issues with the lighting system. Notifying us, however, will not invalidate any part of this warranty. Should you wish to do your own cleaning, please contact us for free guidance.

Please refer to our installation instructions and warranty cautions to avoid unnecessary damage of new product. By being careful you can reduce the risk of having avoidable product damage.

WARRANTY PERIOD - up to 90,000 hrs

  • Enhanced and Enhanced-Plus series fixtures - PRJV and PRJX - 45,000 hrs (>5 years) unregistered, 60,000 hrs registered, 90,000 hrs registered and 3 referral sales
  • Ultra series fixtures - PRJT - 45,000 hrs unregistered, 80,000 hrs registered, 90,000 hrs registered and 1 referral sale
  • Ultra-Plus series fixtures - PRJU - 45,000 hrs unregistered, 90,000 hrs registered
  • Clearance fixtures of any type - 36 months regardless of registration

Note: This warranty only applies to lenticular group of products manufactured after Jan 01, 2017.

You may contact your registered installer first regarding product repair if you bought through a registered installer. Otherwise, please contact DelphiTech for any product repair. No product can be returned without discussion of the situation with us first, requesting an RMA (Return Material Authorization) from us, and being granted an RMA with specific return instructions and conditions. In that process, we will tell you whether product is eligible for warranty repair (or replacement), repairable for a fee, or ineligible for any repair or replacement prior to shipping product to us. Certain things like water intrusion (a condition to void warranty and void repair) cannot be determined prior to us examining product. We do not cover shipping charges and costs associated with return of product regardless of whether or not product is eligible for warranty. In all cases, we will cover the shipping cost back to you for warranty repairs and in many cases for non-warranty repairs too. We do not return any product that isn't working, so if you decline to pay for non-warranty repair costs, the product components will be disposed of properly.

This warranty is valid in Canada and the United States of America. This warranty becomes void in the event that serial numbers are altered, defaced, or removed. We reserve the right to make changes in design, or to make additions to, or improvements upon this product, without incurring any obligation to replace with an exact replica of previous product installed, should you request additional product or need service. In no event shall we be liable for incidental or consequential damage arising from the use of this product, or for any delay in the performance of this warranty due to cause beyond our control. The purchaser may have other rights under existing provincial, state, or federal laws, and where any terms of this warranty are prohibited by such laws, they are deemed null and void, but the remainder of the warranty shall remain in effect. This warranty is from DelphiTech™ Corporation and is NOT a warranty from any other party including registered installers. In the case of installing resellers of any kind, they may offer a service to handle a product repair for you but are not obliged to do so, and like other installing trades are not compensated by the manufacturer for any costs they may occur in performing this service.

WARNING: Your fixtures will be DAMAGED if they are painted, cleaned improperly, or conditions in installation instructions and warranty are not respected. Your fixtures will be damaged and unrepairable if water gets in either by exposing the connection points to water or if seals are broken because fixtures were not mounted in a protected area but exposed where ice could surround them. Your fixtures may be DAMAGED and will be deemed UNSAFE if powered by ANY other power source than a DelphiTech™ control panel.

This warranty DOES NOT INCLUDE or is VOIDED BY:

  • Damage resulting from abuse, accident, misuse, and/or repairs performed by unauthorized personnel.
  • Any work or circumstance that damages wiring or connections, including wetting of connections or anything that creates a short or partial short on the DC power side, including a path to earth ground on the DC positive side of the supply.
  • Containment of any fixture in an enclosure that gets hot when in direct sunlight or attachment of any fixture to a surface that gets hot.
  • Fixture painting, wrapping, moving, remounting in unapproved ways that might compromise air flow, create excess heat, trap moisture or create other issues.
  • Use of improper power sources to the panel or fixtures, or improper control mechanisms to the panel or fixtures.
  • Soffit or roof problems including wood rot, ice dams, or other structural malfunctions of the building, whereby a fixture is continuously wet, or becomes encased in ice, or is submersed in water. This applies to all fixtures regardless of whether or not they are rated as exterior or not.
  • Plants and animals – interfering vine or foliage growth, and damage by animals including chewing of exposed wire.
  • Improper maintenance including excess dirt – mud (contact us first regarding cleaning or other planned maintenance).
  • Malfunction or failure caused by or resulting from abnormal environmental conditions including fire, flood, hail or ice damage, severe wind, or any other “acts of God”.
  • Incorrect AC line voltage to the control panel, a direct lightning hit, or a nearby lightning hit that causes a transient surge in either the system’s AC line side (power to the control panel) or the transient surge on the system’s DC side (fixture wiring).
  • Any EMI pulse caused by solar flares, nuclear blasts, or other source that puts a large voltage spike onto fixture wiring.
  • Any other parts including wire, connectors, and timing devices.
  • Any water in the fixture (regardless of how it gets in), any soot, smoke, or dust, or excess heat that has compromised the fixture.
  • The labor of whoever you use to install our system including any professional or part time electrical installer, a registered installer, any installer you use, or your own labor.

Rewiring old product - For installed product, re-location of installed product, questions about product or installation, or for further product add-ons, please contact us to get advice. Note: Adding product to an existing system can damage the power source if power source limits are exceeded. Rewiring an existing system of older generation product (series M06, 3100, 2100, and 2000) can damage fixtures if they are not wired exactly the same as these fixtures are 6 volt and are wired in series pairs on the power supply. Newer product (M12, 4x00 and all PRJ fixtures marked with 12V) do not have the same wiring configuration as the 6V product. * Regarding above power supply warranty period, even though the power supply in normal use will last several years, improper loading of the supply or not following our installation instructions can permanently damage a supply very quickly. This kind of power supply damage won't damage the fixtures, but you will need to purchase a replacement power module for a nominal cost. Hence because we don't know how you have loaded the supply, we won't offer more than a 90 day warrant on it.

Copyright © DelphiTech Corporation 2003-present. Terms are subject to change without advance notice. Additional details are contained in the RMA process.