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Made in USA

Sometimes our clients wish to buy wire locally for the purposes of a quick pre-wire during new construction, saving on shipping weight when they order out fixtures and supply, or if a contractor installation, they may prefer another format such as a 1000' pull box.

If you wish to purchase your own wire locally, click on the specs sheet found in the 250' spool and if you have more questions call us.

You are looking for security wire (2 conductor, shielded or un-shielded), approximate 7 strands per conductor. See spec sheet or call us. Don't use solid 18/2 and DO NOT use lamp cord or speaker wire. You need the right 18/2 for safety, durability, and to work with our connectors and hole plugs (if you use that installation method).

To help you, here are some possible products you may wish to examine from a local supplier:

  • Coleman Cable 51104
  • Liberty 18-2C
  • Structured Cable Products 18/2-XX
  • Honeywell 1118
  • Honeywell 2114
  • Belden 5300UE
  • Belden 5341UE
  • Belden 8461
  • 18/2 Security Cable made by Southwire from Home Depot (only in USA)
  • 18/2 Security Cable made by Southwire from Lowes (only in USA)
There may be other brands and models that also may be similar to the spec sheet found on our website.


18AWG 2-wire 250 Feet - Grey
18AWG 2-wire 250 Feet - Grey
SKU: Wire_250_G