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Enhance evening outdoor fun entertaining friends & family with real soffit lights designed to excel at this task

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Premier Exterior LED lights since 2001 by DelphiTech®
Now selling our most advanced residential fixture line ever

Compact industrial-quality sealed soffit lights available here
factory-direct at affordable residential prices

  • curb appeal & safety
  • easiest installation
  • maintenance free
  • automatic operation
  • 12 VDC wiring
  • energy - 2 watts only
  • durable 180,000+ hrs
    Made in Canada by
    DelphiTech LED Lighting

Trust the benchmark in compact home LED fixturesTM
All custom components and assembly USA & Canada only

See an assortment of other attributes that makes DelphiTech LED Lighting the trusted home outdoor soffit lighting product of our clients - home owners, electricians, and other registered installers throughout Canada and the USA.

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