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Initial System Warranty Registration

Free Extended Warranty for Qualifying DelphiTech Fixtures

Important points:

  • This form to be filled out ONLY BY the home owner and NOT the contractor.
  • If you have an ordering account with DelphiTech, log into it first before proceeding, otherwise no account is needed.
  • It is valid for fixtures sold after Jan 1, 2017 and applies to PRJX, PRJV, PRJT and PRJU lenticular fixtures only.
  • Clearance fixtures do NOT qualify and have a 36 month warranty only.
  • Fill out ONLY AFTER installation is complete; we recommend within first 30 days.
  • Fixture warranties start when they ship from our factory upon placing an order.
  • Extended warranty void unless done in first 12 months from shipping. DelphiTech may waive this at their sole discretion in particular circumstances.
  • Do not use this form for system add-on registration, use the warranty add-on short form.
Our Extended Warranty Offer: In exchange for 5-10 minutes of your time to answer 24 quick questions to help us with marketing information, eligible fixtures that have a 45000 hr(5 year) warranty unregistered, will be extended to 60,000, 80,000, or 90,000 hrs warranty with the completion of this registration depending on the Series of Fixtures you purchased and warranty will transfer to future home owners automatically.
To facilitate our auto-transferable warranty to future home owners without proof of purchase:
  • the extended warranty is tied to the physical address of home as collected in Q1 below
  • ship date and potential fixture info known when DelphiTech receipt #(s) collected in Q2
  • power source(s) established when serial number(s) collected in Q3

Note: If you bought your system from a contractor, ask them for their DelphiTech receipt number from purchasing your lights and power supply(s), and ask them to show you your power supply SER number(s) for your registration.

1. Please provide the complete street address of the location where this system is installed including postal/zip code. *
2. Please provide the sales order number from the purchase of your fixtures and power supplies from DelphiTech by you or by your contractor. Usually there is only one order prior to install.

See picture showing location

If more than one order was placed prior to install, then provide the other sales order number(s) too in the same box. *

3. Please provide the DelphiTech power supply SER number from inside our power panel (sticker is 0.5"x1.0"). Usually there is only one power supply for systems 20 lights and less. Gently pull cover out about 1" from bottom and then slide cover up so top tabs come out of the base and don't get bent.

See picture showing location

If more than one power supply is used, put the other SER #'s in the same box. *

4. Your first and last name *
5. Your phone number *
6. Your email address *
7. How did you first hear about DelphiTech? *
8. Please briefly elaborate on how you heard
  • if you heard from a contractor, name of contractor and/or name of company
  • if you heard from a referral, any description you wish such as name of referrer, or saw lighting on my neighbor's home, etc
  • if internet search, perhaps the key words you were using
  • if other, then more information
9. The next two questions (Q9-10) are asking your reasons to be buying new lighting, and are NOT related to DelphiTech's product specifically. Questions Q11-Q12 will ask you about motivations specifically around DelphiTech's product.

What was the single MOST IMPORTANT motivation in your desire to buy lighting? *

10. Pick 1 to 3 OTHER reasons, if they are important to you such that they motivated you to buy lighting, but pick no more than 3. *
11. Questions Q11-Q12 will ask you about motivations specifically around DelphiTech's product.

What was the single MOST IMPORTANT motivation in your purchase of DelphiTech product? *

12. Pick 1 to 3 OTHER reasons, if they are important to you, such that they motivated you to buy DelphiTech lighting, but pick no more than 3. *
13. How did you buy your lights? *
14. How many DelphiTech lights were purchased? *
15. Who installed your lighting system? *
16. What was the status of the structure when the lights were installed? *
17. For the installation how easy was this? *
18. What installation guidance did you require to prepare for installation or address questions during installation? *
19. What areas of the outside of your structure did you do? Click all that apply. *
20. Do you plan to add more of our lighting to your property in the future? If so how many lights?

We always recommend don't wait too long as fixture models do change over time and you may want to match what you have exactly in some cases. *

21. Did you automate your lights so they come on consistently whether you come home late or are away on vacation? *
22. Do you have any other properties where you may be thinking of adding a DelphiTech lighting system? *
23. Please use this box if you have any other brief comments you care to make that might be helpful for us to know
24. The above set of questions is all you need to do to register for the extended fully transferable warranty on your fixtures at your address.

Optionally, if you want any of the following, please check all that apply.

Note that the Ambassadors Club offers you 3 things:

  • extended warranty for referrals up to 90,000 hrs
  • chance to win prizes for submitting a photo of your home
  • ongoing access to discounts on future product purchases
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