Affiliate Program

See attributes of who should apply below – we are growing our affiliates now.

Our Premium Products Needed

DelphiTech produces the finest residential exterior LED soffit lights possible. With most electronic products, price and quality vary dramatically. Just like there are inexpensive ear buds costing a few dollars and premium ear buds costing hundreds of dollars, the same is true in LED lighting. We only make premium products because outdoor soffit lighting is a demanding application where such performance really matters.

Sharing Our Profit

We are looking to share profit with those who have an online presence in exchange for homeowners discovering our brand through your online following. Each system typically is between 10 and 20 lights, plus a power supply, and so the amount of profit we share on a premium product can be much more significant than small dollar products.

Your Success Opportunity

The home renovation market is huge. Our lights have great Do-It-Yourself attributes and most of our clients are DIY. Regardless of whether your content is related to home improvement or not, if you have followers that own homes and appreciate upscale products, our affiliate program is worth pursuing. The larger your online following, the larger the opportunity for you. This can create an interesting additional revenue stream for your brand, especially for those with popular online content that will be accessed in the future.

Flexible Associations

Besides having affiliates whose online activities may or may not have anything to do with home improvements, we also will work with some charities. So depending on your type of online presence, you can decide how to mention us, by promoting our products or by citing us as a sponsor, either is fine.

Why Become a DelphiTech Affiliate?

Exclusive Opportunity

You won’t find our products in other places online or in stores. They’re only sold at our website to clients and installers. You participate in an exclusive product availability opportunity.

Brand Integrity

You’ve worked hard for your brand and so have we. You can relax associating your brand with ours. Two decades of experience, our testimonials, and our warranty is your assurance.

Generous Profit Sharing

We offer a generous commission on every light sold through a unique link we provide for your online presence. Earn hundreds of dollars per system sold and from repeat orders too. Happy customer referrals too.

Apply today

Fill out this application and tell us about your online presence and why you think you have a good following of those who’d be interested in our premium soffit lights. Please cite all online presences you plan to use in the affiliate program.

Who should apply

Suggested attributes of those individuals and companies who should apply:

  • large social media following on a variety of topics
  • home improvement focused social media
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) focused social media
  • electrical installers wanting to earn from DIY too
  • selling of products or services to home owners

Any one of the above attributes may be sufficient for you or your company to enjoy a new stream of revenue with our program.