Frequently Asked Questions

Our new website

If you have purchased prior to Feb 2020 you need to setup a new account. Our old store had a lot of data that we didn’t move to our new website. We are now hosting with new shopping cart software on a new shopping cart server.

Note – when you setup your new account, the physical address you enter is your billing and shipping address. If you wish to have your shipment sent to a different address, please add another address. You cannot use a PO Box because we ship by courier.

Please contact us to discuss what you previously purchased so we can guide you on something similar where that is possible.

In our old website, all the information was in the cart. There was lots of information – perhaps too much for those who aren’t technically inclined.

To improve the user experience, we’ve simplified things and the new website has the general information at and the shopping cart is hosted separately at   If you can’t find what you need, please contact us.

New home construction with a builder

We work with you the home owner or your custom home builder to specify the right fixtures and locations for your lights.  Please fill out the contact form and indicate your building a custom home and the approximate date when framing will be completed.

For builder/developers also known as tract builders the ideal is a DelphiTech prewire. If your builder doesn’t offer this option, ask your builder to contact us for information on a DelphiTech prewire. If they are unwilling to do so, then you can easily install DelphiTech lighting after you occupy your home.

DelphiTech soffit lighting is an easy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project for many reasons including wiring is 12 VDC and if you aren’t so inclined, you can hire the contractor of your choice.

Existing home and renovation

DelphiTech soffit lighting is an easy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project for many reasons including wiring is 12 VDC and if you aren’t so inclined, you can hire the contractor of your choice.

If you have questions, you can call us toll free or fill out the contact form and we will schedule some time to speak with you and explain how easy the wiring is.

If your soffits are being redone, you may be pleased to put in the wiring and drill the holes at the same time while scaffolding is in place.  Or at least do a prewire.

Otherwise you can wait until the renovation is done and install it like an existing home.

Our products

As someone once said “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

DelphiTech doesn’t spare any expense to give you premium quality. Just like you can buy cheap ear buds at a dollar store, or spend hundreds of dollars on a pair that have the optimum performance, the same is true in LED lighting.

A DelphiTech fixture starts with a machined aluminum housing that is anodized to protect the electronics from moisture, corrosion, keep it cool, temperature stabilized, and protected from most EMP events. All of our components right down to capacitor selection are the best for performance – they would even be acceptable for aircraft or satellite electronics. If you want more technical information on how many ways we make our products better, please contact us. Our warranty speaks for itself. Most home owners would not want to deal with inferior product on the soffit where environmental stresses and the difficulty of servicing failing products are problematic.

Our product design and manufacturing criteria which our customers value are:

  1. longest life possible
  2. features that contribute to the best lighting designs
  3. features that contribute to the ease of installation

DelphiTech sells its products exclusively to clients through this website. Custom home builders and contractors also supply and install.

Our products are not available at retailers and hardware stores. This ensures that if you have product specific questions, you can get expert advice from us.

Each DelphiTech fixture is optimized to consume only 2W (compared to 9-10W in our competitor). Yet, DelphiTech’s fixtures are 3 times brighter than other brands.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

There is no catch! Here’s the explanation:

Our crystal-clear lens technology ensures that vertical light is not wasted. Our competitor’s LEDs are typically only one third as bright, due to wasted broad light diffusion. DelphiTech’s lenses focuses the light where it needs to go instead of wasting the light in unwanted areas.

See a full comparison here: Top-10 Reasons to Choose DelphiTech

Go to our orange Shop button.  Click on the lights, and scroll down to see the Specification tab.   If you have other questions related to specifications, give us a call.

We believe our products are the most DIY friendly soffit lights in the market.  

All our products are powered by a 12VDC, so in most states and provinces, you don’t need to hire an electrician.  

Call us for tips and tricks – we can explain simple ways to install our lights that you probably didn’t realize.

We suggest you speak with us first for some simple and professional methods that can make your lighting install a pleasure.

If you prefer to browse some information, please follow this simple quick-start guide here: DelphiTech Quickstart Installation DIY Guide

Design questions

Your design includes both features and areas.   For a wall, this is an area and lights are typically placed 10-15 feet apart depending on the preference of the homeowner.  Features include such things as a front door, steps, left and right of a garage door, centered over a garage door, and other features.

If soffit is wide enough, usually 8″ to 9″ is an ideal distance.

Use our contact form to ask them.  We will either email you back the answers or call you to discuss.

Terms & Conditions

We ship to all continental US and Canada.

Signature is required to receive a package, please ensure to enter a valid shipping address during checkout.

Shipping costs are computed automatically at the moment checkout, based on the shipping address region.

Shipping to the US also includes broker fee and duties.

For US Shipments Over $250: The US Government for matters of homeland security requires anyone in the US that is importing more than $250 of electrical lighting to provide the shipper with a legal federal identification at the time of import. Valid legal identification is your business number (EIN) or in the case of an individual, your SSN.

Here’s the compliance:

Our fixtures are built-to-order and permanent serialized labels are affixed for warranty purposes so we have a strict no-return policy. 

Please make every effort to ensure that you purchase the correct products for your needs and please contact us before finalizing your order.

Take advantage of our FREE design and installation support questions to review your home plans or photos.

We provide full technical information right on our website too for those that have no questions and don’t need our design expertise.

Click on our Warranty link at the bottom of the home page. Call us if you have questions.

DelphiTech proudly created the first high power LED fixture products, and consequently holds foundational intellectual property in the field before LED fixtures, bulbs, and other LED based lighting products appeared in the market place using high powered LED components.
The innovation granted protection to DelphiTech includes but is not limited to:

US Patent 6,991,350
US Patent 7,178,934
US Design Patent D491,684
Canadian Patent 2,411,576
Canadian Patent 2,454,501
Canadian Industrial Design 101354
Canadian Industrial Design 101355

In particular, US Patent 6,991,350 and Canadian Patent 2,411,576 have a broad protection for certain product attributes. As early foundation patents, the invention was devised with a vision for the future application of key attributes of the LED technology, in relation to innovative new products.

Note we also have both trademarks and registered trademarks related to our products.

About DelphiTech and Affiliate Program

Glad you asked!

Rodney is the founder of DelphiTech and the inventor of the best soffit lights in the world. Read Rodney’s story here.

Please contact us to find out about our partner program.