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Our old store had a lot of data and we are hosting with a new cart on a new server.   You will need to recreate your account.   Note – the address you enter is your billing and shipping address.   If you wish to have your shipment sent to a different address, please add another address.   You cannot use a PO Box because we ship by courier.

Please contact us to discuss what you previously purchased so we can guide you on something similar where that is possible.

Our products

DelphiTech currently sells its products directly to consumers exclusively through this website. Our products are not available at retailers and hardware stores.

DelphiTech’s fixtures are 3 to 6 times more durable than most brands on the market.

DelphiTech’s unique patented fixtures ensure that optics remain clear (i.e. lens won’t crack or discolor) for 20+ years outdoors, between temperatures of -40°C (-40°F) and +50°C (+122°F).

See a full comparison here: Top-10 Reasons to Choose DelphiTech

DelphiTech LEDs last 3 to 6 longer than most brands, as a conservative estimate.

Our fixture are corrugated and can be installed in 2.25” holes (compared to the industry standard 4.25”).

DelphiTech’s fixtures are 3 times brighter than other brands yet each fixture consumes only 2W (compared to 9-10W for other national brands) for enduring, efficient performance.

All fixtures remain the same brightness and color tint for over 20 years.

All DelphiTech LEDs installed in series along the same 12V power line will have the exact same level of brightness, from beginning (near the power supply) to end (at the other end of the power supply).

All fixtures are made, by hand, in Canada as we do not carry an inventory fed from an assembly line. We are able to ensure quality at every step of production and only use the highest quality components.

Furthermore, our products are equipped with surge suppression technology to mitigate the effects of nearby lightning strikes.

Lastly, our guarantee ensures that the homeowner benefits a tremendous value for its investment in LED lighting for many years to come.

Each DelphiTech fixture is optimized to consume only 2W (compared to 9-10W in our competitor). Yet, DelphiTech’s fixtures are 3 times brighter than other brands.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

There is no catch! Here’s the rationale:

Reason #1:
Our crystal-clear lens technology ensures that vertical light is not wasted. Our competitor’s LEDs are typically only one third as bright, due to wasted broad light diffusion. DelphiTech’s lens focuses the light where it needs to go instead of wasting brightness in unwanted areas.

Reason #2:
Cheaper brands are no optimized and consume much more power than necessary due to wasted wattage. These other brands tend to “burn out”, discolor or become dimmer after only a few months/years, while DelphiTech can go strong (without any sign of wear and tear) for 20+ years in normal conditions.

See a full comparison here: Top-10 Reasons to Choose DelphiTech

All our products are powered by a 12VDC, so no need to hire an electrician!

Terms & Conditions

We ship to all continental US and Canada. See the map below.

Signature is required to receive a package, please ensure to enter a valid shipping address during checkout.

Shipping costs are computed automatically at the moment checkout, based on the shipping address region.

Shipping costs are computed based on both on location and weight. Shipping to the US also includes broker fee and duties (included). Insurance is based on 1.7% of the shipment subtotal.

For US Shipments Over $250: The US Government for matters of homeland security requires anyone in the US that is importing more than $250 of electrical lighting to provide the shipper with a legal federal identification at the time of import. Valid legal identification is your business number (EIN) or in the case of an individual, your SSN.

Here’s the compliance: https://www.fedex.com/en-ca/shipping-services/international/regulatory/ultimate-consignee.html

Our fixtures are built-to-order and so we have a strict no-return policy.

Please make every effort to ensure that you purchase the correct products for your needs and please contact us before finalizing your order.

Take advantage of our FREE design and installation support questions (or even our low cost proactive design & install consultation) to review your home plans or photos.

We provide full technical information right on our website too for those that have no questions and don’t need our design expertise.

See the tech sheets here.

DelphiTech proudly created the first high power LED fixture products, and consequently holds foundational intellectual property in the field before LED fixtures, bulbs, and other LED based lighting products appeared in the market place using high powered LED components.
The innovation granted protection to DelphiTech includes but is not limited to:

US Patent 6,991,350
US Patent 7,178,934
US Design Patent D491,684
Canadian Patent 2,411,576
Canadian Patent 2,454,501
Canadian Industrial Design 101354
Canadian Industrial Design 101355

In particular, US Patent 6,991,350 and Canadian Patent 2,411,576 have a broad protection for certain product attributes. As early foundation patents, the invention was devised with a vision for the future application of key attributes of the LED technology, in relation to innovative new products.

Note we also have both trademarks and registered trademarks related to our products.

About DelphiTech

Glad you asked!

Rodney is the founder of DelphiTech and the inventor of the best soffit lights in the world. Read Rodney’s story here. [coming soon]

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