Mike Holmes

DelphiTech staff are honored to have our trusted brand of compact exterior LED lighting selected for the HGTV Mike Holmes special episode entitled “Mike’s Ultimate Garage”.

Historical Perspective – Mr. Mike Holmes has enjoyed our product on his home exterior since 2007 prior to recording of this show in 2014. When one of his staff contacted us to invite our participation, we were very grateful for the new exposure, and once again felt immense satisfaction that our lighting product was recognized to have the attributes that Mr. Holmes desired.

Here is a quote regarding our lights from Mr. Holmes in Mike’s garage project:

“I used DelphiTech lighting in my garage! I love them. They have all kinds of LEDs that make sense for different areas. They make it right.” … Mike Holmes

Other Satisfied Customers

“My wife and I always wanted to have exterior lighting installed, but were hesitant due to high energy costs and ongoing maintenance. That was, until we discovered DelphiTech. The LED lights really changed the look of our home, and with DelphiTech, they’re affordable, elegant, and require no ongoing maintenance. They’re really great.” -Lewis Levin

“My wife Diane and I are proud owners of the Delphi Tech exterior lighting system. It has provided our property with additional security, created an attractive ambulance during the night, enhanced our home’s value, and, with the energy savings, it pays for itself. We highly recommend DelphiTech to all homeowners.” -Roger Derenzis

“When we had the energy efficient DelphiTech LED lighting system installed in our home, it looked great. Since then, when I look at other houses with traditional lighting, I notice how poorly they’re lit. I can’t believe the difference and we’ve had DelphiTech lighting for years with no problems at all.” -Sylvia Glenn

Audio Clips

These customer had DelphiTech fixtures installed on their property for 10+ years.

Here them in their own words:


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