DelphiTech’s LIFETIME Warranty

At DelphiTech, from the very beginning, we’ve taken pride in our product durability. No other manufacturer of LED lighting puts as much attention to detail into design and manufacturing to achieve our impressive performance. For exterior lighting applications, durability and longevity are extremely important and we make product for that fit.

We’ve been building the world’s best LED soffit lighting since 2001 and have had superior warranties on all of our Series of fixture models over those years. We continue to make the highest quality LED fixtures on the market and stand behind every unit that ships from our very own North American factory. You should be pleased to know that a light failure from a properly installed DelphiTech lighting system is extremely rare. As other brands try to cheapen their lights, we’ve been perfecting ours.

Now with the DelphiTech Max Series of light fixtures, new for 2020, this series has the highest performance and longest warranty DelphiTech has ever created.

Home owners – enjoy peace of mind and a LIFETIME warranty on our new DelphiTech Max Series lights.

What does the warranty cover?

  • Defects in materials and workmanship for lights shipped and installed in continental USA and Canada
  • Eligible for replacement/repair after an assessment from DelphiTech staff
  • Our shipping cost to return your repaired/replaced light
  • Lifetime warranty applies to the first owner of the lights and at the installed address when registered at
  • If not first owner, warranty is not lifetime but still an amazing 75,000 hours with no paperwork needed

Some restrictions and exclusions apply. Inquire for details.

Please contact us if you ever have a light that isn’t working and we will guide you on how to proceed. Light failures are rare so your fixtures may be fine. It is possible that you may only have a wiring problem or a worn out power supply not strong enough to power all lights. DelphiTech provides technical phone support in English for any handy DIY installer or contractor.

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